Good Night Moon Text

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The Good night moon text is a poem with words such as….
Goodnight bears
Goodnight chairs
Goodnight kittens…..
–”Goodnight Moon”, text by Margret Wise Brown
This is a great and short story especially when its been along day and your both tired.

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Preschool Stories

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This book is a favorite read for bedtime stories with children. Its endearing story and charm will surely make it a favorite for your youngsters.

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The colorful and rich illustrations of animals are very vivid and remarkable. Each two page spread shows a mommy or daddy and their offspring preparing for bed. The gentle words and sweet entries of parent animals putting their offsprings to sleep make this book a constant favorite for bedtime reading. The soothing rhyme of words will put your little ones asleep in no time. Mem Fox had created a book that will give kids something to remember growing up to be young adults who are sleep deprived and exhausted. They will be able to remember a time where their mom and dad would reach for this book and soothingly read it until they fall asleep. A book that can be passed on to generations of kids that enjoys bonding with parents in night time reading.

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The Night Before Christmas

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Clement Moore has truly captured the hearts of kids and the kid at heart in all of us with her poem, The Night before Christmas. Now made available in children story books with vivid illustrations, the book continues to be a good read in Christmas Eve. As it begins to describe the plump man we have learned to love during the holiday season it makes us feel the warmth and joy of the happiest season of the year. Also called “A Visit from St. Nicholas” it has been made a tradition in some American families to read the story to children. To enhance children’s vivid imagination it is best to purchase the illustrated book to enhance the experience of Santa Claus and his reindeers in the snow. Be cautious for the little ones will surely stay up all night after hearing about Santa Claus descending from the chimneys to bring them their presents and gifts.

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